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I was really happy about being able to beat Cypher on LAN
1 year ago - 18th Jul 10pm - 2018

This time around we get to hear from the Hungarian superstar Adrian 'RAISY' Birgany who made a surprising appearance at Quakecon 2017. RAISY was later picked up by Myztro Gaming team and then later went on to win Dreamhack Denver over Myztro UK's GaRpY. With the announcement of 2v2 RAISY partnered up with infamous QL player Spart1e and had some success in online competitions

First of all, as many people from Australia are not as informed about all the players in the European scene can you give us some brief history of your time in Quakes and any other games or tournaments you played in prior to Quake Champions?

Hello. The very first time I've played Quake was when I was about 5 years old. It was Quake III Arena and I played against BOTs due to not having internet access at the time. A few years later Quake Live came out, and I've played it on a hobby-like level, never competed in it. At the time I was playing Counter-Strike: Source and later Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a semi-professional level, so Quake was just a fun game to pick up every now-and-then. Last year, when they announced QuakeCon for Quake Champions, due to the lack of success in CS, I decided to test myself in QC. I haven't played CS since.

As we have not spoken before and your performance at Quakecon 2017 was amazing to beat Tox and take Rapha to such close games. What do you think it was about your play style that allowed you to reach such success in your first big tournament and how do you reflect on this match with Rapha?

At the time the meta really fit me, since it was mostly about going high speed CPMA style, which suits my highly aggressive playstyle. I was really happy about being able to beat 'toxjq' on LAN, too, because a lot of people were skeptical about me during the online qualifiers. Sadly, my skills and experience was just not on a high enough level to beat 'rapha', but overall, I was happy with my performance.

Raisy bootcamping in America

Next stop was Dreamhack Denver 2017 where everybody now had a good feel for champion strengths and play styles of Quake Champions this time around. Given all this information was available to everyone you still managed to win this tournament, what would you say was the defining factor(s) of your play in this tournament win?

During DreamHack Denver 2017, the meta changes still favored my playstyle, even though they heavily nerfed the LG, but you could still be very efficient with champions, like Anarki and Sorlag. Had to switch it up a little bit and adapt, by relying less on LG and using more SG and RL, and like that, I could still be very fast movement wise, and my aggressive playstyle provided constant damage output, which helped me to win fights.

From all of the events you have already attended, which event would you say has been your favourite and why?

As an Event, QuakeCon 2017 was a really great experience, a first timer for me in the world of Quake. Performance wise, DreamHack Denver 2017 is what I'm the most proud of, but ESWC 2017 was the event that is the most dear to me for personal reasons. Unfortunately, DreamHack Winter 2017 was a big failure for me, so I'm not very satisfied with how that event turned out. DreamHack Tours was fun, too.

Looking back on Dreamhack Tours would you say that there is any one thing from your team's performance that you want to change coming into Quakecon 2v2 TDM?

Sadly, neither of us was playing our best games, but I'm hoping we'll be able to perform better next time. Ever since Tours, we've practiced a lot, and I can see a lot of improvements.

Now that you have played a few competitions as Myztro EU with Spart1e, what do you feel is your biggest strength as a duo?

One of the biggest aspect of our team is probably the fact that we are really good friends IRL. :)

Raisy (left) with Zoot, Garpy and Hell

With Quakecon 2018 now less than a month away and there has been a lot of changes to this event compared to last years Quakecon and Dreamhack Tours I would like to get your opinion on the following changes:

Inclusion of Champion Bans per opponent

I like the ban system. Due to the nature of the game, there is always a meta, but with the champion bans the game became more versitile.

The new map Molten Falls

I like the map, been enjoying playing on it.

Changes to the duel Tournament and giving only $25,000 to 1st

I prefer the way they handled last year's QuakeCon prizes. You can become 2nd and still win nothing. Very unsatisfying.

How do you feel in general about your preparation, progress and training coming into this Quakecon 2018 and what are your expectations for this tournament?

I feel like we are in good shape, been practicing a lot, attending online tournaments as well. Now we are about to have a week long bootcamp in America to prepare some more for QuakeCon 2018.

It's a very exciting time to play Quake with promised new champions and rumours of new maps and modes. What would you say is the number one thing you personally hope will come into this game?

I'm very excited for Klesk. I'd love to have more CPMA style champions and I'm hoping Klesk is going to be like that. I also hope it's ability will have to do something with the spikes on it's body, like maybe it could shoot out like a small HE grenade filled with shrapnels.

Cheers for dropping in, from all of Australia and New Zealand we wish yourself and Spart1e the best of luck in the Quake Champions Quakecon 2v2 TDM/Duel tournaments. Is there any final words you have for readers today?

Thank you very much for this interview, and I apologise It took me so long to get back to you with my answers. I'd also like to thank my family, Myztro Gaming and my girlfriend for all their support. They really help me keep going. Love you all.